Kennel Club Accredited Instructor
Kennel Club Accredited Instructor


Dog training isn’t mandatory. 

Many people - particularly those who have previously owned dogs - and many dogs manage to live together very happily without any formal training.

However, some formalised and structured basic training can ensure that the experience is happier and less frustrating for all parties and that owners are better equipped and more confident in dealing with any problems that arise and that they better understand why their dog behaves and responds as it does.

Our standard training courses focus on establishing basic good behaviour, ensuring that owners are in control of their dogs, achieving good discipline and obedience, and encouraging active play. 

For the pups, that will include the essentials of house-training, recalls, walking on a lead and the ground rules for playing.  For the older dogs we progress to more difficult challenges, including retaining that control when amongst other dogs, basic “tricks” and agility.

Play is important as this forms a key bond between dog and owner - but even play needs some training and an understanding of the “ground rules” if all parties are to enjoy it!

We also cover the basics of dog health maintenance, equipment advice, and referrals to specialists

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