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HAPPY 2014

To all of our friends and customers, past, present & future.  Hope the New Year is happy and healthy for you and your dogs.

Our agility training centres (one on the outskirts of Ipswich and one a few miles further North) are equipped with a full range of agility equipment in really handy locations.  Agility lessons take place during daylight hours, Mon-Sat.  We limit class sizes to 3 dogs at a time, so each person and dog gets plenty of attention and plenty of practice time on the equipment which is all Kennel Club approved.

Take a look at these photos of our agility centres and dogs.

Our puppy and dog (all ages!) training classes take place indoors throughout the year, so you (and we) all stay warm and dry, whatever the weather.  Our venues are covered in rubber matting which ensures that your dog is safe (no slipping on slippery floors) and the floor is kept nice and clean.


We provide training for puppies and older dogs, and agility training for dogs that are more than 12 months old.

We can also help with a wide range of problems for dogs of all ages.

Training can either be class-based in small groups, or can be provided on a 1:1 basis.  Work to resolve more engrained problems is generally done 1:1.

We limit training class sizes to 10 dogs, ensuring no more than 5 dogs per instructor to ensure that you - and your dog - get the attention that you need.  We generally run separate classes for pups, to ensure that all the basics are covered before we progress to more advanced training, and also to ensure that the pups (and you!) aren’t intimidated or distracted by our older dogs.

Our classes take place weekly in Earl Soham - on the A1120 between Debenham and Framlingham.  We have use of a large indoor hall (which is fully matted) for the winter or wet sessions, and of a fully enclosed outdoor area for the warm summer afternoons and evenings.

If class times are not convenient for you, or if you’d like more focussed attention on your specific situation, then we also provide 1:1 lessons which can take place in your - and your dog’s - home.  This approach can be particularly appropriate if you are experiencing specific problems, when watching and working with the dog in its home environment can be most effective.


Read some testimonials from past and current customers.


Our price list gives our indicative prices.  Please contact us for a specific quote.

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